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Using Bike Lights During the Day

Daytime running bike lights are becoming increasingly popular with cyclists. As the days get longer, it can be tempting to leave your lights at home. However, there is increasing evidence that using bike lights during the day can have a significant impact on your visibility and therefore your safety. A 2012 Danish study of cyclists found a 19% drop in accidents when cyclists used permanent running lights.

Running lights during day rides also leaves you less vulnerable to the notoriously changeable British weather. You could set out on a clear and bright day, and before you know it be up on the misty moors, or had the dreaded black clouds descend. 

Daytime bike lights help ensure you remain visible to other road users when visibility conditions change. 

Our Kinetic lights are the ideal choice for daytime riding. A highly efficient flash mode that detects deceleration and makes other road users aware of your changing speed, and ensures you'll never be missed.